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sick of cramps?

tap  into pain relief

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Small electro pulses in adjustable waves and different intensities confuse your nerves, reducing their ability to send pain signals to the brain. Outsmart your cramps, gf. 

Electro pulses that disrupt menstrual cramps

Simply attach the discreet tap. to the sticky pad (included), place on your lower abdomen or back, turn on to the setting of your choice, and enjoy instant 'tapping' period cramp relief

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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Easy to use, non-pharmacological and free of side affects: a natural solution to aid in period pain relief. 


Stick your tap. to your womb space or lower back

Adjust mode & intensity on unit or remote

Reuse throughout period &

 recharge with USB cable (included) as needed 

Tap Health_ProductLaunch-1624.jpg

"TENS is a noninvasive, inexpensive, portable method with minimal risks and a few can be self-administered on a daily basis during everyday activities."

(Elboim-Gabyzon & Kalichman, 2020).

Hello, science!

"TENS is a nonpharmacological intervention that activates a complex neuronal network to reduce pain by activating descending inhibitory systems in the central nervous system to reduce hyperalgesia. "

(Vance, Dailey, Rakel & Sluka, 2014).

"Thirty percent of the patients reported marked pain relief and 60% reported moderate pain relief. They concluded that TENS is an effective and safe nonpharmacological means for the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea"

(Patel, Sheth & Vyas, 2016).

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